scout guide quiz 51-60

Wings of Scout and Guide Movement in India

Welcome to next 10 questions of Scout Guide Quiz questions.

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Scout Guide Quiz questions

scout guide quiz 51-60

Scout Guide Quiz Questions 51-60

Hello!!! Let's check it out , next ten questions of  the Scout Guide Quiz Questions in English. In this quiz , the main focus is on

Wings of Scout and Guide Movement in India. Level- Pravesh. First Solve the quiz and then check video for answers.

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51. What is motto of Scout/Guide ?

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52. What is motto of Rover/ Ranger ?

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53. Which are the following are wings of Scouting?

1. Scouts 2. Rover     3. Ranger       4. Cub   5. Bunnies

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54. What is motto of Bunnies ?

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55. What is motto of Cub/Bulbul?

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56. A boy of age between 3-5 Years belongs to________ wing.

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57. A girl of age between 19 Years can join__________ wing of Scout Guide movement.

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58. A boy of age 15 Years can join as__________ in Scout movement.

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59. A girl of age 15 Years can join as __________in Guide movement.

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60. In which age a Boy can join as Cub in Scout Movement?

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Congratulations!! You finished your Scout Guide Quiz Questions related to Wings of Scout and Guide Movement in India. After checking your knowledge about Wings of Scout and Guide Movement in India, You can also watch the video in which you will get additional information about particular questions which is not given in quiz.

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