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Scout Guide Quiz Questions 31-40

Hello!!! Let's check it out , next ten questions of  the Scout Guide Quiz Questions in English. In this quiz , the main focus is on World Scout Flag . Level- Pravesh. First Solve the quiz and then check video for answers.

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What is the colour of World Scout Flag?

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In World Scout Flag, World Scout Badge is made of which colour?

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What is the ratio of the size of World Scout Flag?

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When and Where the World Scout Flag was accepted?

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Which knot is used to tie the ends of rope in World Scout Badge?

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What the Reef knot in World Scout Badge indicates?

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What the needle in the center of World Scout Badge indicates?

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How many stars are there in World Scout Flag?

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What the fleur-de-lis indicates in World Scout Flag?

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Where the World Scout Flag is used?

1- WOSM Headquarter

2- in all International Scout Events

3- National Events where Scouts of other countries participating

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Congratulations!! You finished your Scout Guide Quiz Questions related to World Scout Flag. After checking your knowledge about the World Scout Flag, You can also watch the video in which you will get additional information about particular questions which is not given in quiz.

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