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The Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag

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Scout Guide Quiz questions

bharat scout and guide flag

Scout Guide Quiz Questions 41-50

Hello!!! Let's check it out , next ten questions of  the Scout Guide Quiz Questions in English. In this quiz , the main focus is on The Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag . Level- Pravesh. First Solve the quiz and then check video for answers.

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What is the colour of The Bharat Scouts and Guides flag?

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What is the size of BSG organization flag?

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What the Tre foil in BSG flag reminds us?

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What is the ratio of BSG flag?

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What is the size of Group flag?

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What the wheel in flag tells?

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Blue colour of flag is similar to what? and What it indicates?

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What is the size of Emblem in flag?

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This shape represents which section of Movement?

scout guide quiz question 49

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What the 24 bars of Wheel reminds us evertytime?

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Congratulations!! You finished your Scout Guide Quiz Questions related to The Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag. After checking your knowledge about the BSG Flag, You can also watch the video in which you will get additional information about particular questions which is not given in quiz.

Also you can Download PDF of these questions of quiz.(Click Here)

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