Scout Guide Pratham Sopan Badge

Syllabus for Pratham Sopan

After successful completion of Pravesh syllabus, Scout can appear for the next level in his journey of becoming Scout.  Pratham Sopan is next level after Scout Pravesh in Scout advancement. 

To start with Scout Pratham Sopan, the Scout must finish Pravesh and Investiture. The time horizon for Pratham Sopan is at least Six months. Exams related to Pratham Sopan will be conducted by Scout Master.

Important topics of Scout Pratham Sopan Syllabus –


  1. Duties at home
  2. Be able to make your bed
  3. Health rules regarding personal cleanliness. 
  4. B.P. Six exercises 
  5. Practice Yoga/ Asana /Surya Namashkar.
  6. Stitch a button. 
  7. Clean / Polish canvas/ leather shoes. 
  8. Personal First Aid kit
  9. Definition and Golden rules of First Aid 


  1. Patrol, its Flag, Yell,Song, Patrol Corner, Patrol Call or Cry and Patrol in Council
  2. Hand & Whistle Signals.
  3. Foot Drill: Savdhan, Vishram, Aramse,Dahiney, Bayen & Pichey Mur.
  4. Troop & Patrol game. 


  1. Whiping
  2. Knots: Reef knot, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Sheep Shank, Fisherman Knot, Round Turn & Two Half Hitches. 
  3. Sheer Lashing Mark I and Mark II. 
  4. Gadget or handicraft useful at home.

 4. SERVICE : 

  1. Troop Service Project in your School or Scout Headquarters
  2. Deal with simple Cuts, Burns & Bleeding from the nose. 
  3. Household responsibilities
  4. Service involving any one of the points of Scout Law 
  5. Nature study project 


Be able to use the PCO & Mobile Phone 


  1. Wood crafts signs 
  2. Road Safety Rules for pedestrians. 
  3. Participate in a Nature Study Trail  

Scout Guide Pratham Sopan Badge
Pratham Sopan Badge

On successful completion of the Pratham Sopan tests, the Scouts will get Pratham Sopan Badge by Local Scout organisation on the recommendation of the Scout Master.

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