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Welcome to syllabus page of Scout Guide Quota Railway Recruitment Exam.

The written test for this exam generally have 60 marks allocated for Written test whereas 40 marks are allocated to various certificates of National, State or District level events, camps or special courses. You can check criteria or how many marks you have got from various certificates of such events with help of marks calculator on our website.

There are total 60 marks for written test futher divided into two sub-sections , one Multiple Choice Questions of 40 marks and another of essay type question of 20 marks.

The syallabus for Group C (Level-2) and Group D (Level-1) is same.

You have to finish your written test in 60 minutes.

In Scout Guide quota railway recruitment exam , the written test will be mainly based on syllabus related to Scout movement and some questions of General Knowledge or Current Affairs may be asked.

The syllabus for Scout Guide Quora Railway Recruitment Exam is as following-

Syllabus for Written Test-

History of scouting / Guiding;

Law and Promise;

Organisation- District/State Level;

Training center: District/State Level;

Knowledge of Books;

Scouting for Boys/ Guiding for Girls in India;


Left Handshake;



Flag Song;

National Anthem;

Know the National and Scouting flags;

Social service at various occasions;


Proficiency Badges;

How these are earned?;

Stages in Scouting/ Guiding;

Thinking Day;

Progressive Training of Scouts / Guides/ Rovers/ Rangers;



Indian Railway Jamborette;

National Jamboree;

Jamboree on the Air;

Organisation at National Level;

National Training Ceters;


Uprashtrapati Award Competition;

Prime Misnister Sheild Competition;

Community Developement Programmes;

Aims and Methods of scouting;

How Scouting is useful in producing better citizens?

These are the key points in syllabus of Scout Guide quota railway recruitment exam which are mainly related to Scout Guide Movement.

The topics in syllabus are covered on our website with help of articles, videos, blogs, quiz questions etc. which you can use free for your preparations.

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Besides the syllabus , you can check your eligibility for this railway recruitment exam with the help of our eligibility checker tool.

Disclaimer- These topics are subject to change as per RRB notifications and may be relevant updations will be done in this syllabus . It is better to refer and verify the syllabus with original recruitment notifications time to time.

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