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Many times this question has been asked to me by my subscribers, how can I join the scout and guide movement? Many of them don’t get proper guidance about joining the scout movement. If you are new to the Scout movement and want to join it, then you are at a right place. Here you will get all information regarding how to join scouts and guide easyway. 

The Scout movement was founded by Lord Baden Powell. Initially the movement was started for boys but later the horizon of scout movement extended to girls also, as a guide wing for girls. 

Scouts and Guides movement is an international movement. WOSM and WAGGGS are the international arms of Scout and Guide movements internationally. 

Where to join Scout and Guide?

In India,the Bharat Scouts and Guides is the organisation which is responsible for scout and guide movement together. It is the only WOSM and WAGGGS recognised national organisation in India and also recognised by Government of India. 

The BSG organisation offers various memberships like General membership, lifetime membership, ordinary membership and special membership.

Here , we will discuss the General Membership which we can easily opt for and become a member of the scout guide movement . This general membership includes beneficiaries of the Scout and Guide movement and adult leaders.

For the general membership, we have to consider some norms. Joining person should understand any language and further this membership is divided further on the basis of the age group of the joining person. Both Boys and Girls can join the scout and guide movement. 

Which Section You Belongs?

There are different sections in movement based on Age and Gender. Person who wants to join the scout and guide movement must be above the age of 3 years. 

Sections of Scout and Guide movement-

  • Bunnies
  • Cub – Bulbul
  • Scout – Guide
  • Rover – Ranger
  • Adult Leaders

To know more about which section you belongs, you can check here.

How to join Scout – Guide movement?

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is having wide presence at National, Regional, State, District and Local level. You can find them easily at your local place. Every district in India is having district HQ of The Bharat Scouts and Guides. You can visit them and ask for details.

How to register as a member of Scout and Guide movement?

Scout movement functions with a system called Patrol system. As per Patrol system, to run scout activities, registration of unit/ troop/ crew/company is essential.

If you are student and want to join as Cub- Bulbul, Scout – Guide, Rover- Ranger, first search at your educational institution , school, college etc. where the scout movement is present or not? If not then ask your arts or sports teachers to register a Scout unit at your school so that you can be a part of Scout Guide movement. 

Along with this,If you are a teacher who wants to start a unit at your school or if you are interested in the scout movement and you are above eighteen years, you can start your unit by registering it with the local Scout Guide organisation. Visit the office of local BSG and ask for registration form and relative information.

Fees – 

They charge nominal fees for registration which gives you  the membership of such a big international movement.

Training –

Along with that Bharat Scouts and Guides conduct various training programmes around the year for unit leaders. So that person registering a unit can run his/her unit effectively.

What is an Open Unit?

In India, the Scout guide movement is attached with educational institutions. If you are a person who is interested in Scouting , social works and even if  you are not related to the educational field, then also you can contribute to Scout Guide movement with the help of open unit. To run a unit you have to fulfill two conditions. Firstly, You must attain the age of eighteen and secondly, you must graduate from any stream. 

Many students are interested in the scout guide movement, but their school or college do not provide a facility of Scout Guide unit. For them, an open unit is the solution. First,try to request school or college faculty for a scout unit, if they do not provide heed to you, you can start your open unit and participate. 

Open unit provides an opportunity to youth of different schools or colleges to come together as an open unit. Ask your parents or guardian to register an open unit. For registration open unit minimum 8-10 candidates required. You can encourage your school, college  friends, relatives,cousins, neighbouring friends to join your unit as a Scout or Guide.

These are the ways which you can use to join Scout and Guide movement easily in India. 

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