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Scout Guide Quiz questions

Scout Guide Quiz Questions 1-10

Hello!!! Let's check it out , first ten questions of  the Scout Guide Quiz Questions in English. In this quiz , the main focus is on History of Scouting and Guiding . Level- Pravesh. First Solve the quiz and then check video for answers.

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Who is Founder of Scout Guide Movement?

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What is the Full Name of Lord Baden Powell?

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First Experimental camp of Scouts by Lord Baden Powell was held at which place?

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What is the name of Lord Baden Powell's sister who lead Girl section of movement?

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The first world Jamboree was held at which place?

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who was proclaimed as the Cheif Scout of World in First Jamboree?

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When and Where the First International Scout Conference was held?

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What is full form of WOSM?

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What is the fullform of WAGGGS?

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What is Full name of Lady Baden Powell?

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Congratulations!! You finished your Scout Guide Quiz Questions related to History of Scouting and Guiding. After checking your knowledge about the History of Scouting and Guiding, You can also watch the video in which you will get additional information about particular questions which is not given in quiz.

Also you can Download PDF of these questions of quiz. (Click Here)

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