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Free Online HAM Radio course for Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Rangers 

 What is ham radio?

Amateur radio operators are also called HAM radio operators or simply HAMS.

Amateur radio is a hobby and service.

 It is an activity of self learning, intercommunication and technical investigation carried on the duly authorised persons that are amateur radio operators for a personal aim and without pecuniary interest. 

There are over 50 lakh people all over the world who pursue this activity in their free time. There are about 20000 HAMS in India.

Amateur radio operators OR Ham radio operators have to qualify an examination conducted by the Ministry of communication,  Government of India and obtain licence for operation of a radio station.

After armed forces like ARMY, the POLICE government gives the only opportunity to HAMs to operate wireless devices which are restricted to civilians.

Amateur radio operators in their free time use their radio stations and conduct two-way Communications and exchange cultural personal technical information with other HAMs not only within India but also all over the world.

The two-way Communications using radio transmitters, receivers, antenna can be either through voice, morse code, digital or through satellite.

Why HAM Radio?

In the age of technology, we can use simply our smart phones for communication then why HAM radio is required? Is HAM radio relevant today? Yes it is. During various disasters like flood, cyclone,earthquake HAM radio showed how the HAM radio is useful. 

How HAM operators served govenrment agencies during NIVAR cyclone? Check here.

When all day today technology fails , the HAM radio comes into the picture. HAM radio is used as an Emergency communication tool during disasters.

As a Scout, a boy must be proficient in signalling. Lord Baden Powell in his book Scouting for Boys described why signalling is important? He wrote a separate campfire yarn(chapter) regarding signalling.

HAM radio can help Scout in signalling,Communications and exchange cultural personal technical information with other HAMs not only within India but also all over the world which is free of cost.

Who can become HAM?

Any Indian citizen above 12 years can apply for a HAM license.

Who can participate in our HAM radio course?

Only Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Rangers of Age limit – 12 years and above.

Participating Scouts, Guides, Rovers and Rangers must be interested in the field of Electronics, signalling, disaster management.

Basic mathematical skills are essential.

Only serious learners who want to pursue their service to society and Nation are most welcome.

Participating members must remember HAM radio is a hobby and service.

How will the free HAM radio course be conducted?

Medium of Instruction- English, Hindi, Marathi

ASOC exam conducted by Ministry of Telecommunications will be in English(MCQ type questions)

Course will be conducted online. 

Topics covered in HAM course –


Rules and Regulations,

Morse code,

How to apply for ASOC license?

And many more.

Course will be conducted on weekends probably on Saturday for 30 minutes. 

Last Date for Registration – 20 December 2020

How to register for a free HAM radio course?

Step 1 – Login to

Step 2-  Go to Exclusive

Step 3 – Choose Free HAM radio course.

Step 4 – Fill the application form correctly.


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