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What is Daily Good Turn
Hello friends, Welcome you to All About Scouting. Here, you will come to know about what is good turn ? in Scouting.  The basic spirit of Scouting is service. While entering the scout movement, scouts and guides take a pledge that they will do at least one good turn every day.

Good turn Knot

Scouts tie two ends of their scarves and make a knot, this is called a knot of good turn and reminds us that we must do at least one good deed every day. This knot is also called a Thumb Knot.

We get happiness and self satisfaction from the Good Turn done towards others. Therefore, it becomes the duty of a scout guide to do at least one good work every day and this good turn should start from his home.

How much money Scout earn from Good Turn?

Scout guides do not accept any value while doing a good turn every day. Good Turn is influenced by “Service”, the basic spirit of scouting, that is why they do not accept any reward or value after completing that task. If a person offers to accept any value or money in return  after help, the scout or guide should say, “Thank you, I am a scout and as per the scout rules I do not accept anything as a gift or money for the work of goodness.” 

Scout do not accept money.

How many Good turns?

It is the duty of every scout and guide to do at least one good turn every day. If he ever forgets to work, he should do at least two good turns on the second day. This work should be done without any selfishness at least once in a day and maximum number of times.

While doing a good turn, no scout and guide should think about how I will benefit from the work, besides we should think about what I can do for others?

Daily Good Turn

This daily good turn should not be anything big but small. You can start this work from your home. 
Some examples of Good Turn are given below for guidance.

  • Bringing milk, vegetables, ration etc. from the market. 
  • Helping householders to lift heavy things. 
  • Polishing shoes.
  •  Serving the elders of the house in various ways.
  •  To contribute to home gardening. 
  • Any kind of help in cooking. 
  • Pressing on clothes. 
  • Serving a sick member of the household.
    Cleaning the habitat of domesticated pets / birds.
  •  Write someone’s letter, read it to them, post it, and get a stamp. 
  • To show the way to persons with disabilities.
  •  Organizing items scattered in the house. 
Scout helping disabled person

Many similar things, scouts and guides can do as their daily good turn.

Good Turn Dairy

After doing a Daily good turn every day, write it in your diary, it is mandatory to take the signature of the person you are helping or parents. 

Diary sample

DateType Of Good TurnSignature
2/10/2020I helped a blind person to cross the road.
3/10/2020Helped mom in cooking.

In this way, the scout has to write a diary of his own good turn. 

How did daily good turn begin in scouting? Click here to know more.

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