Syllabus for Dwitiya Sopan

After successful completion of Pratham Sopan syllabus, Scout can appear for the next level in his journey of becoming Scout.  Dwitiya Sopan is next level after Scout Pravesh in Scout advancement. 

To start with Scout Dwitiya Sopan, the Scout must finish Pratham Sopan. The time horizon for Dwitiya Sopan is at least Six months. Exams related to Dwitiya Sopan will be conducted by independent examiners.

1. Pioneering :

  1. Timber hitch, Rolling hitch, Marline spike /Lever hitch & Figure of Eight knot 
  2. Lashings and their uses: Square and Figure of Eight.
  3. Uses of hand axe or chopper and safety rules and how to keep them sharp. 
  4. Safety and sharpening of a dagger or a pen knife and the use of a screw driver, pliers and hammer. 

2. Fire :

  1. Types of fire used in camping/ outing. 
  2. Lay and light a wood fire in the open with not more than two match sticks 


  1. Working & maintenance of a kerosene, pressure stove or a Gas stove. 
  2. Cook in the open 
  3. Safety precautions in case of a gas leak. 


  1. Sixteen points of a compass 
  2. To find North by at least two constellations
  3. The bearing of various objects from your position. 
  4. Follow a trail laid out using compass bearing & distances. 
  5. Terms: Scale, Direction, Conventional signs, Contours & Grid Reference. 
  6. Use of  a tourist map 

5. FIRST – AID :

  1. Wounds and know how to deal with Bleeding, Burns and Scalds, Sprains, Stings & Bites 
  2. Use of Roller bandages. 
  3. Use of a Triangular Bandage for the Head, Hand, Knee, Foot, Ankle and fracture of Arm. 
  4. Improvise a stretcher 

6. Estimation :

  1. Estimate two distances/widths of not more than 100 metres but not less than 30 metres. 
  2. The length of your stride/Pace and using this, estimate the distance travelled.


  1. Troop Wide Game.
  2. Troop Campfire , folk/patriotic songs, Patrol skit. 
  3. Road Safety Rules for vehicles. 
  4. Bicycle. 
  5. Visit a factory 


  1. Development Project
  2. Social Service Camp/Camps covering at least for a month.
  3. Serve in community fair or Mela
  4. Anti-Litter Campaign 
  5. 3R’s of Conservation: Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.
  6. Self Help Groups. 


  1. Kim’s games : Observation Game

10. Proficiency Badges(Any Two):

  1. Cook 
  2. Debator 
  3. Friend to Animals 
  4. Gardener 
  5. Handyman 
  6. Cyclist
  7. Launder
  8. Reader 
  9. Hospital man


  1. Troop Formations. 
  2. Drill commands during marching. 
  3. All Faiths Prayer 


  1. Computer,mobile phone, internet and their applications 
  2. Internet & access the website of the Bharat Scouts & Guides


  1. Collect information on our heritage and culture and prepare a log 

On successful completion of the Dwitiya Sopan tests, on the basis of the certificate issued by examiners, the Scouts will get Dwitiya Sopan Badge by Local Scout organisation.

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