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Scout Guide Quiz questions

scout quiz questions 21-30

Scout Guide Quiz Questions 21-30

Hello!!! Let's check it out , next ten questions of  the Scout Guide Quiz Questions in English. In this quiz , the main focus is on Indian National Flag . Level- Pravesh. First Solve the quiz and then check video for answers.

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When and By Whom , the National flag of free India was accepted?

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Indian National Flag was designed by Whom?

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Which Colour of Indian National Flag denotes courage?

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Colour of Ashok Chakra is_____________.

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Which colour of Indian National Flag denotes "Prosperity"?

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What is the White colour of Indian National Flag denotes?

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What Ashok Chakra at center of Indian National Flag denotes?

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What is the ratio of the size of Indian National Flag?

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Why Ashok Chakra is placed at center of White colour?

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Who was the chairman of Ad-hoc committee on National flag?

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